Orval 33cl

6.2 °
  • 4.03 €

Orval is a Trappist beer brewed in the Notre-Dame d'Orval abbey in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. The beer is an outlier within the Trappist family, and Belgian beers in general: there is only one variety generally available, and this is a relatively light beer, reminiscent of an English ale.

Orval is a beer of top fermentation and long lagering, which gives it a complex-fruity character. The fact that Orval is an outsider in the beer world is also apparent from its color. It is not a blond or brown beer, but it has a light amber color with an orange hue.

ABV 6.2°
Beer Style American Pale Ale
Brand Orval
Brewery Abbey Of Trappist Orval
Country Belgium
Empties Included 0.10 EUR
Type Bottle 33cl