Barbe Noel 33cl

7.2 °
  • 2.60 €

“Barbe Noël” is a beer of a higher category and is brewed on the basis of water, malt, hops and yeast. The original wort content of the “Barbe Noël” is 16 Hl°Plato.

The lightly roasted malts give the deep golden yellow colour. The spicy hops have a fresh bitter taste. After the brewing process, the beer is aged for the first time for approximately 14 days. During the second aging, the beer acquires a fuller taste. This bearing ends when a percentage of 7.2% alc. full. has been reached.

ABV 7.2°
Beer Style Christmas Beer
Brand Barbe
Brewery Brewery Verhaeghe
Empties Included 0.10 EUR
Type Bottle 33cl