Jacks Precious IPA 33cl

5.9 °
  • 2.46 €

Jack's Precious IPA is a distinctly India Pale Ale, brewed the way a real IPA should be according to The Musketeers: balanced and yet different. It is a refreshing and easily drinkable tasting beer with an alcohol percentage of 5.9%. Jack's Precious IPA has the character of a floral bouquet with a citrus accent. The beer tastes softly fruity and creamy. The bitterness of the floral and spicy hops is not overpowering. The beer has a pale golden color with a snow-white head that remains as a silk rim after tasting. The taste of Jack's Precious IPA was developed together with the team of the Gollem specialty beer cafés in Amsterdam and Antwerp, pioneers of Belgian specialty beer in the Netherlands. Gollem's Precious IPA was first offered exclusively at them for 2 years, where it is and remains their "IPA of the house" under that name! Be sure to drop by!

ABV 5.9°
Beer Style Indian Pale Ale IPA
Brand Jacks IPA
Brewery Brewery The Musketeers
Empties Included 0.10 EUR
Type Bottle 33cl