Boerinneken 33cl

9.5 °
  • 2.66 €

A blond regional beer that has been refermented in the bottle. As a result of this traditional brewing process, it is recommended to pour the beer gently into the glass. It has a fruity nose, a slightly sweet hop taste and a volume percentage of 9.5%. The Boerinneken has a shelf life of at least 2 years and has an authentic clasp closure on the long-necked bottle. The regional beers Boerken and Boerinneken are brewed on behalf of Verstraeten H&S from Beveren-Waas at Brasserie Caulier in Péruwelz. This beer exudes the tradition of Belgian farmers! The beer has an authentic Belgian concept that can be found in the name and labeling of the beer, which is baked into the bottle.

ABV 9.5°
Beer Style Tripel Ale
Brand Boerken en Boerinneken
Brewery Brewery De Proef
Country Belgium
Empties Included 0.80 EUR
Type Bottle 33cl