Arabier 33cl

8 °
  • 3.10 €

Arabier, brewed in Esen by De Dolle Brouwers, is a pure malt beer with an alcohol content of eight percent. It is a beer with refermentation in the bottle and hopped with flower hops (Nugget and WGV - Whitbread Golding Variety) from Poperinge.

 “Drink arab cool”, says the Arabic text. Initiates claim that the Arabs would put this more softly, in the sense of: "Let the Arab be drunk cool". Be that as it may, beer is forbidden yonder, however thirst-quenching it may be. The name is always written with a small a. In the plural, Arabs are said to mean two glasses of Arabs and Arabs in the sense of: “There are no two Arabs”. This beer has a shelf life of two years. This is stated on the capsule.

Beer Style Strong Blond Ale
Brand Arabier
Brewery Brewery De Dolle Brouwers
Empties Included 0.10 EUR
Type Bottle 33cl